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RACES Duty Roster for Q4 2013



Oct 7 - Oct 13 KB9FRT L. Frabbri KC9SJP S. Campbell KC9GHZ G. Perkins KC9HHB L. Mutz
Oct 14 - Oct 20 K9QF J. Nelson K9DRH D. Hartnett K9IJ J. Rice KB9FRT L. Frabbri
Oct 21 - Oct 27 K9DRH D. Hartnett KB9FRT L. Frabbri KC9SJP S. Campbell N9NOX H. Sahler III
Oct 28 - Nov 3 KC9HHB L. Mutz KC9GHZ G. Perkins K9DRH D. Hartnett KC9TCT J. Figiel
Nov 4 - Nov 10 KB9FRT L. Frabbri K9QF J. Nelson KC9GHZ G. Perkins N9EPA Elliot Libner
Nov 11 - Nov 17 KC9GZB D. Kleckner KC9SJP S. Campbell K9IJ J. Rice KC9TCT J. Figiel
Nov 18 - Nov 24 KB9FRT L. Frabbri KC9SJP S. Campbell K9DRH D. Hartnett N9NOX H. Sahler III
Nov 25 - Dec 1 KC9GZB D. Kleckner K9IJ J. Rice KB9FRT L. Frabbri KB9FRT L. Frabbri
Dec 2 - Dec 8 K9DRH D. Hartnett KC9GZB D. Kleckner K9QF J. Nelson N9EPA Elliot Libner
Dec 9 - Dec 15 KC9GZB D. Kleckner K9QF J. Nelson K9DRH D. Hartnett KC9TCT J. Figiel
Dec 16 - Dec 22 KB9FRT L. Frabbri K9DRW D. Whitney K9QF J. Nelson N9NOX H. Sahler III
Dec 23 - Dec 29 KC9GZB D. Kleckner K9IJ J. Rice K9DRH D. Hartnett N9EPA Elliot Libner
Dec 30  - Jan 5, 2014 K9DRH D. Hartnett KC9GHZ G. Perkins K9QF J. Nelson KB9FRT L. Frabbri
Jan 6 - Jan 12 K9DRW D. Whitney KB9FRT L. Frabbri KC9GHZ G. Perkins  


1. Duty time is Monday 00:00 through Sunday 23:59.

2. Lake County Emergency Management Agency (LCEMA) will contact only the First Contact by phone and attempt a page. They will only contact the second or third contact if the First Contact does not answer the phone call or respond to the page within 10 minutes.

3. The Contact Person will take the following steps after notification by LCEMA:

Step 1. Contact KC9GZB - Dave Kleckner; or if not available, contact K9DRW - Don Whitney; or if not available, another Board Member to assess situation and discuss actions. Minimal time should be expended on this step; discretion may be used as to whether Step 1 and Step 2 should occur simultaneously.

Step 2. Activate group page, initiate net, take other appropriate actions.

4. If a Contact Person will not be available during their duty week, they are responsible for contacting and arranging for an authorized substitute. The originally assigned contact person must notify LCEMA and KC9GZB, Dave Kleckner of the change.

5. On Sunday evening (before 2100 hours local), the current week's 1st duty officer should verify that the duty officer list for the following week was paged out.


Click here to submit results of each week's net check ins.  >>>>  SUBMIT   <<<<
Then make sure the check in list is put in the ring binder at the EOC.     

Click here to download the Tuesday Night Net Script or the Check List by Community or the Check List by Callsign (PDF files). or the Fillable files Check List by Community Fillable or Checklist by Callsign Fillable
If you call the net from some place other than the EOC, bring your check-in list to the EOC and put into the binder in the basement.

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