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The Lake County RACES/ARES Group E-Mail Notification List is be used to send general information, meeting notices and other non-emergency notifications to members. It is not intended to be used for emergency calls. If you wish to have more than one email address listed, submit each separately. 

Current members, can also use this form to submit any changes to your Call sign, Address,  Telephone numbers and other information to update roster data.

 Also you can add your e-mail address to the Lake County Packet and Digital reflector.

New members, your e-mail address is added from your membership application form when it is processed.

RACES Member:  Yes  No 
Callsign:  *      Required  Current or new callsign  
Old Callsign:       Enter  only if your callsign has changed

For current RACES members, enter any information you want updated:

Current/New E-Mail Address:     Required
    New      Use for the email list   
Zip Code:   
Home Phone:   
Work Phone:   
Cell Phone:  
SMS Address:  
Emergency Contact Name:  
Emergency Contact Phone:  

Please remove my e-mail address from the Lake County RACES/ARES e-mailing list.
Please add my e-mail address to the Lake County Digital Reflector list.


 ARES® (Amateur Radio Emergency Service®) is a program of the American Radio Relay League
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